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Friendship Club of Gatineau Inc.

Our Logo

Our Logo
When the Club was first started, we did a lot of talking about what we wanted our Club to be. There were already a lot of clubs around being run by executives and boards. Our members decided that they wanted a Club where the membership controlled it and that would keep us all happy about the way it is run. They also decided that they did not want to do things in a half manner, but that they wanted to go first class wherever/whenever they did anything. Therein lies the reason for our Logo. The top hat, gloves and cane depicts the feeling that we want to go first class in everything we do and the smiling sun represents the feeling we have that there should be joy in what we do. This joy helps us to meet our objective of good mental and physical health for all our members. It has worked well for us for 12 years.

From: February 19, 2018

Since February 19, 2018


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